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CloudCover Business Orchestration Services Suite

The easiest way to introduce CyberSafety to your whole enterprise is through CloudCover’s BOSS.  CloudCover allows you to establish business rules, policies and events across your entire IT infrastructure.

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CloudCover is CyberSafety.

CloudCover represents three distinct risk solutions working in concert to deliver software-defined awareness and control.

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Manage by Fear, or Facts?

You can manage your cyber business with fear or facts. Cybersecurity manages by fear – CyberSafety is based on fact.

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We represent a practiced, risk-centric solution. Learn more.

CloudCover is CyberSafety from the start.

Our solution starts CyberSafety awareness, and personnel indoctrination from the start.

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CloudCover is CyberSafety™

CloudCover provides IT order automation, reducing time to services. Plus, a risk analytic technology that delivers unbiased risk profiling, risk awareness, risk mitigation, and risk transfer thus providing an effective cover of CyberSafety.

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We drive business rules into the IT infrastructure

In combination, we provide risk awareness, risk control, risk transfer.

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CloudCover represents risk awareness, risk control, risk transfer solution.

CloudCover represents cyber-risk underwriting and policy orchestration supporting an advance new CyberSafety data risk transfer solution.

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We employ business software-defined risk controls. Learn more.

CloudCover’s Business Orchestration Services Suite (BOSS), provides IT services Order Automation, integration of business rules and risk into IT services, risk scoring, notifications, and the output to you favorite Software Defined Orchestration system.

IT Services Catalog

BOSS provides an easy to use IT Services Catalog for all employees to access. It can provide Unitized billing down to the individual, project or department.

IT Services Assemblies

IT Services Assemblies automates the IT Inventory into higher level recipes, and integrates the approriate business rules and policies alongside IT policies and rules ina fully integrated inventory.

IT Service Orders

Along with selecting high-level IT services, the business end-user is also required to provide the basic business rules and policies of use for the service, value, times, size, geography, domicile, and others.

Risk Scoring & Insurance

With this fully rounded IT Services Order the BOSS system then can score your overall risks, enable warranties, and insurance.  And provide a comprehensive SDX Orchestration Order.

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