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CloudCover is incremental data risk underwriting.

CloudCover is real-time cybersecurity insurance.

Cloud Cover is risk underwriting and securing of packet data for a cloud service. We identify, value, classify and thereby underwrite packet risk of in-flight incremental data, near real-time.

CDI can clear the air concerning this cloudy "risk-gap". Our patent data security and corresponding underwriting protocol can deliver the only known solution to transfer risk in real-time. And in doing so, incrementally protects liability-property risk of packet data as it moves through private, public or hybrid cloud services — anywhere wireless.

Cloud data is accessible anywhere, anytime and is exposed to real-time cyber risks.

In this world, cloud data is information on demand. Global adoption of cloud services require better standards for data governance and consumer privacy-security. Attempts to address security have met complex gaps in the risk to data's real-time liability. CDI solves the security dilemma by underwriting data risk exposures at the packet level.

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