Data Security, Visibility Matters

Most people don’t respect proactive security solutions or tools. We do!
Keep control of data security by employing our CDIP solution.

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CloudCover Risk Solutions

We represent three distinct, independent solutions working in concert to deliver software-defined visibility and control.

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Cloud Defined Insurance Protocol

CloudCover CDIP is patented risk technology that enables risk scoring and software-defined incremental data security control,in real-time.

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We represent a practiced, risk-centric solution. Learn more.

CDIP is advance risk technology.

CDIP technology provisions software-definable control and real-time visibility with security for network egress data.
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CDIP begins with SecurityGPS.

SecurityGPS is our risk-diagnostic tool utilizing proprietary analytic technology that provides unbiased risk profiling and reporting that leads toward the CDIP data security solution.
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CloudCover represents policy, rating and underwriting support.

CloudCover Re represents the CDIP cyber-risk rating, underwriting, and policy facility supporting this advance, new cybersecurity data insurance solution.
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We represent solutions that are practical, measured and data-centric.

In combination, we’re known as the Cloud Defined Insurance Protocol.
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We employ software-defined risk controls. Learn more.

CloudCover provisions software defined risk control, risk scoring, real-time visibility and analysis of incremental data flows in real-time.


SecurityGPS™ is a cyber-risk diagnostic analytic tool to begin the data security risk audit and compliance profile.

CDIP Console

CDP Console is real-time risk visualization utilizing Netflow analytics to help us risk score your cloud egress data.

CDIP Orchestration

CDIP Orchestration solution provides software-defined tools utilizing real-time risk controls, data policy authority.

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