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Digital Transformation and CloudCover begins with you!


CloudCover represents a digital transformation offer, that provides software-defined risk awareness with distinctive cyber safety compliant solution. Read on!


Data Compliance is the New Risk!


CloudCover introduces cyber safe compliance to the entire enterprise. CloudCover allows you to establish business rules, policies and events across your entire IT infrastructure.


Manage IT Compliance Risk with Facts, not Fear.


Cyber security is managed by fear. CyberSafety is based on facts.


Cyber smart, cyber security, CyberSafety by CloudCover.


CloudCover represents four distinct software-defined solutions to deliver cyber safety awareness, compliance and risk control.


We are a cybersafety-centric SDx solution. Learn more.

Our Risk IT Orchestration (RIO-as-a-Service) embraces a compendium of regulatory laws and compliance standards including business policy-rules matched to IT Services and IT Events, integrated into an IT Service Order Automation (IT/SOA) platform. Output to your favorite ONAP orchestration project or software-defined network application.

IT Regulatory & Compliance

RACS is an easy to use compliance lookup service in reference to data privacy and security regulations for an end-user to understand their compliance risk posture.

IT Service Catalog & Assembly

IT Service Catalog and Assembly automates high-level IT service recipes, including IT compliance and business rules alongside policy rules, into a fully integrated inventory.

IT Service Orders

By selecting high-level IT Services, the end-user applies business policies and rules to their IT Services, enabling IT Event’s value@risk attributes, and it’s SDx Orchestration risk posture.

IT Risk Score + Data Insurance

The RIO service platform, provides IT Event risk scoring and awareness that enables IT Event warranty and cyber insurance coverage, further integrated into the RIO/SDx Orchestration.

Become compliant aware, Today!

CloudCover RIO is all about cybersafety. Learn more.

CloudCover is CyberSafety.


CloudCover provides IT Service order automation, reducing time to service, that further provides IT risk mitigation and cyber risk transfer. We name this “cybersafety”.


Software-defined networking is the next New Risk!

We are IT risk aware, risk control that enables risk transfer.


CloudCover represents risk awareness, risk control, risk transfer.


CloudCover represents CyberSafety in support of IT Orchestration.