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Today online data requires near perfect cyber-risk security to survive.

Data is on demand and accessible anytime, anywhere and risk exposed to cyber-crime or espionage. It is not a question of whether a company shall experience a data security incident; rather it's a matter of when data loss shall occur and how prepared is the company to respond to the impact of the incident.

Next-gen firewalls are incapable of protecting outgoing data because they are designed to protect perimeter security from ingress penetration. Cybersecurity is also typically not deployed as egress data protection — nor as risk transfer. Data security outside a company's firewall is usually left to encryption. Today, encryption is no longer secure enough to protect against incident data breach.

CloudCover resolves this cybersecurity dilemma by mitigating incremental data risk at the packet "incident" level and transfering this data risk incrementally through "CDI smart" underwritten nano-policies near real time.

CDI is designed to overlay existing data loss prevention technologies. CDI continuously deep packet "tags" egress data and therein incrementally insures the data's value, security risk and in-transit timestamp applying dynamic risk underwriting algorithms and data risk governance. Our advance cyber solution permit companies to control their incident risk in milliseconds, rather than days or weeks.

We designed CDI as a cybersecurity+insurance data risk solution that actively mitigates data loss so the company's Board and C-level management can have real time risk control with near perfect data security.

CloudCover is near perfect — insured cybersecurity.

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