Digital transformation is the new IT security risk!

CloudCover’s ‘cybersafety transformative’ solution empowers the Enterprise!




Digital transformation must be mindful of cybersafety.

CloudCover is a cyber-safety transformative based platform for the Enterprise.





Cybersafety is a focus on 'compliance-as-a-practice'.

Cybersecurity is based on fear. CyberSafety is based on compliant facts.




Compliance becomes the new IT business risk!

The Enterprise must become “cloud-like” in its compliance strategy.




CloudCover is the CyberSafety SDx platform. Learn more.

Our Risk IT Orchestration platform embraces a compendium of regulatory laws and compliance standards (RACs) that correlate business rules and policies to IT Service Events. RIO-as-a-service is integrated into a Service Order Automation (SOA) platform. Output to your favorite SDx orchestration project or ONAP network application.

IT Regulatory & Compliance

RACS is an easy to use compliance lookup service in reference to data privacy and security regulations for an end-user to understand their compliance risk posture.

IT Service Catalog & Assembly

IT Service Catalog and Assembly automates high-level IT service recipes, including IT compliance and business rules alongside policy rules, into a fully integrated inventory.

IT Service Orders

By selecting high-level IT Services, the end-user applies business policies and rules to their IT Services, enabling IT Event’s value@risk attributes, and it’s SDx Orchestration risk posture.

IT Risk Score + Data Insurance

The RIO service platform, provides IT Event risk scoring and awareness that enables IT Event warranty and cyber insurance coverage, further integrated into the RIO/SDx Orchestration.

Become compliant aware, Today!

RIO-as-a-cybersafe-service. Learn more.

Software-defined IoT has arrived, and it has become the new IT security risk.


Check out our RIO/RAC cyber-safety-as-a-service.

GDPR compliant, cyber-safety-defined, SDx service platform.