CDAP Risk Control

CDAP is your real-time cloud control for data risk visibility.


SecurityGPS risk profiles cyber security risk of a company’s network, systems, people and data assets.

SGPS Audit

SecurityGPS Audit and Analysis is a certified risk compliant report and risk-score analysis.

CDAP Control

CDAP is a cloud-defined assurance that enables real-time risk control for risk transfer.

CDIP is cloud-defined security and egress data risk scoring in real-time.

CDIP represents data egress-jurisdiction visibility and incremental cyber risk control.

Today’s reality is that continuous security monitoring, and cyber risk insurance markets are attempting to address cyber risk, but entirely contrary, conflicting ways. That said, insurance companies are driven to sell cyber insurance that exclude certain cyber risk cover, such as data insurance, while charging high premiums for baseline coverage.

When engaging Cloud Defined Insurance Protocol, you shall experience jurisdictional data risk control in real-time. You may begin to prepare your organization for the proactive nature of real-time data risk transfer, exceeding the traditional concept of cyber risk insurance and data governance. CDIP is a cost-effective, incremental data risk control insurable coverage. It shall possess limits that no major cyber underwriter shall be capable of matching.

Your cyber insurance broker will be envious, yet admire CDIP as truly remarkable.

CDAP Risk Circle

CDAP is a software-defined security architecture and cyber risk analytic system that combines network security, defensive device protections and risk transfer capability, that leverage complex event sources and analysis.

Our CDIP Risk Circle is a 360º at-a-glance “time slice” of your egress and ingress flow data, both inside and outside your enterprise network. Unique metadata visibility provides both multi-iterative and interactive interface that includes incremental flow statistics and comparative historical analysis.

Our open-source architecture supports traditional networking and access control policy requirements, as well as threat prevention and intrusion protection solutions. Our solution complements existing platforms currently in place, such as mobile computing, private cloud services and secure-defined networks. Learn more.


To engage CDAP, one must complete the SecurityGPS Audit.

1. The CDAP solution is priced like a private cloud service, pennies per TB.

2. Company boards and management shall use CDAP for daily cyber risk decisions.

3. CDAP enables proactive cyber security + underwriting data value near real-time.

4. You can begin to manage your company’s data value, given CDAP score results.

5. You can utilize the information gained to control your risk exposures and effectively understand the costs associated with next-generation cyber security technology.

6. You can potentially take advantage of the technology utilized during the profile to understand the beneficial control of continuously monitoring your network data risk.

7. You can utilize your real-time benefit and results to begin the application and underwriting process for more robust cyber security insurance.

8. You may use CDAP to negotiate cost effective limits to your cyber insurance.

CDAP is real-time visibility, and robust data risk control.