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Welcome To CloudCover's BOSS.

Solutions that enable enterprise to incorporate the best risk practices for data security and cyber safety.


Most people don’t respect proactive data safety solutions or tools. We do. Service your data risk with the BOSS solution.

The BOSS can advance your career!

Business Orchestration Services Suite has been known to save CISO careers!

CloudCover enables CyberSafety!

For all Businesses, Large, Medium or Small

Every business require cyber safe IT services to employ and manage IT operations. CloudCover's BOSS platform is an easy to use IT Services Catalog that implement business rules, policies, and risk metrics into a single console.

For all IT Teams, Large, Medium or Small

Business Enterprise and IT are not aligned in terms of needs and solutions. CloudCover's BOSS platform organize IT solutions, recipes, and orchestrations using fully-customized, cross-set of tools tailored to specific enterprises.

For all C-Suite: CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, CFOs

C-level executives need visibility of IT operations in their enterprise. CloudCover’s BOSS platform provides visibility and risk control at the initial IT service order thru the event life cycle, and cyber 'on-demand' insurance cover.

For all IT Outsourcing, Large, Medium or Small

The CloudCover BOSS platform is ideal for IT Outsource providers. BOSS enables the building of custom Service Recipes for multi-orchestration, providing a multi-client management interface for enterprise IT teams.

For all IT Vendors, Large, Medium or Small

CloudCover’s BOSS platform can automate the user sales channel, evaluate monthly recurring revenue, track margin improvement, and provide pricing tools that include a client’s IT product-service consumption.

For all Cyber Business Insurance Carriers

CloudCover can identify incremental IT event’s value@risk exposure, prior, during and following. These IT events can be proactively risk scored and underwritten enabling Nano Insurance based on fact, not fear.


The percentage of major U.S. companies who experienced a data breach within the previous three years.


What percentage of U.S. companies have cyber-risk management breach response teams currently in place?


Companies that employ software-defined cloud services that help manage their data@risk.


Percent of companies where cyber-insurance is an integral part of their cyber security plans.

We provide tools for proactive CyberSafety!

More than CyberSecurity, CloudCover is CyberSafety!

1) Cyber Risk Underwriting

Before a cyber insurance policy is underwritten, there is a security assessment process to uncover any hidden risks associated with the organization. Cyber insurance underwriters and insurers are beginning to use objective, data-driven assessments like SecurityGPS for underwriting metrics, and in so doing require use of this information in deciding how to structure cyber insurance policies.

2) CyberSafety Data Insurance

Compliance regulations stipulate certain level of security performance, but vary broadly between industries and states. As cyber safety data insurance becomes broadly adopted, SDx risk control shall become standard requirement for cyber insurance. Our comparison to baseline risk practices have produced insight for best advisable security solutions.

3) Policy Costs vs. Value@Risk

No one wants to be victim to a data breach, and through risk assessment and the cyber insurance application process, organizations are motivated to take steps to improve their security performance and lower their risk posture, especially if data governance is employed. Our underwriting rewards higher security performance by offering better priced cyber underwritten insurance terms.

"Our CloudCover Business Orchestration Services Suite utilizes software-define service controls that enable real-time risk control on a data event basis."

Number of Blacklist IP addresses as of today!

Number of worldwide data breach in 2015!

U.S. cost per record in 2015 data breaches.

Millions of people affected by 2015 breach.

Take control! Prepare for CyberSafety today.

More than a Business Orchestration Services Suite!


BOSS is a cloud-agnostic, business Services Recipe Catalogue, that utilizes actionable business IT service tools to empower your IT team to 'point-n-click' IT services for custom orchestration.

Cyber Risk Consulting

Our cybersecurity consultants enable proactive planning and provide unbiased, cost effective cloud security advice and reporting that management can budget and boards shall understand.


SecurityGPS™ provides for a cyber risk profile and enables better decision making regarding cyber insurance products and continuous risk mitigation solutions.

Cyber Risk Analysis

Our advance real-time security findings and objective risk analysis are based on continuous monitoring an enterprise network and providing real-time incremental scoring and risk rating.

Data Risk Certification

We apply key risk analysis to data, both structured-unstructured assets, including cloud-based services weighted against emerging threats and real-time events.

Governance Risk Compliance

We enable security compliance for companies to answer regulatory requirements associated with industry and government security mandates and financial exposure.

"Enterprises today have many more stakeholders involved in data control, data governance, security, and privacy. However, despite this involvement, organizations approach data security in a very reactive fashion and often do not have a clear understanding about the [intangible] value of their data." Forrester Consulting 2015

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