Passionate leadership evokes great work!

Stephen Cardot

CEO, Founder
Veteran designer and systems developer with 22 years experience building robust, scalable solutions. Author of TCP/IP cyber insurance patents. Believes incremental risk transfer with software-defined control is the future of cyber safety and data security.

  • Chief Enabling Officer 95% 95%
  • Team Development 90% 90%
  • Partner Development 75% 75%

Todd Peterson

EVP Business Strategy / Development
Mr. Peterson joined the team as our lead business development guy, with over 15 years experience responsible for Microsoft’s mobility market. Todd coordinates our partner relations and scale CloudCover for enterprise and SDx ecosystem adoption.

  • Business Development 90% 90%
  • Strategy Support 75% 75%
  • Partner Management 50% 50%

Dr. John Bell

VP Senior Product Manager
Dr. John Bell is the senior executive in charge of product management. John is a scientist with 20 years of driving strategic business & new market R&D in both the life science industries and consumer goods in the USA and EU.

  • Product Management 95% 95%
  • Product Data Ontology 85% 85%
  • Product Strategy 55% 55%

Len Sands

Senior Retail Market Adviser
Mr. Sands joined CloudCover in 2011, and has been a loyal team player in building the organization. Len manages the retail consumer package goods (CPG) channel and coordinating business logistics and projecting product sales volumes.

  • Retail Markets 98% 98%
  • Consumer Package Goods 75% 75%
  • Product Management 70% 70%

Anthony Pence

Senior Financial Adviser
Tony engaged the CloudCover organization in 2011 coordinating the financial service needs and private investment offers of our startup. Tony is known for his 30+ years at BlackTorch Capital and the financial services and success his client’s today enjoy.

  • Financial Services 95% 95%
  • Investor Relations 75% 75%
  • Capital Risk Management 60% 60%

Kaye Lokowich

Compliance / Research Director
Kaye joined the CloudCover organization in 2010, bringing with her a diverse background related to research. Kaye has contributed significantly to our risk research through the translation of unstructured information and comparative analysis.

  • Compliance Research 95% 95%
  • Regulatory Analysis 70% 70%
  • Sales Logistics 50% 50%

Jim Libersky

President of CloudCover USA
Jim joined CloudCover as President of CloudCover USA, the key technology solution in our real-time cybersecurity monitoring needs. Jim manages cybersecurity marketing channels including coordinating business logistics and sales.

  • Executive Management 95% 95%
  • Sales Strategy 85% 85%
  • Cybersecurity 80% 80%

John Riordan

Senior Marketing Adviser
Mr. Riordan joined CloudCover in 2010, and has been instrumental in building infrastructure and CRM organization. John oversees marketing, media and coordinating investor relations and handling internal information channels.

  • Social Media Strategy 95% 95%
  • Marketing Development 80% 80%
  • Information Services 40% 40%

Robert Demopoulos

Chief Technology Officer
Robert recently joined CloudCover as our CTO, and is the founder of The B1 Group, the key player in our real-time cybersecurity technology solution. Robert manages all cybersecurity technology including all cyber risk analytics.

  • Cybersecurity Systems & Methods 89% 89%
  • Network Technology 98% 98%
  • Infrastructure 75% 75%

Close Partners, Strong Leadership.

Cyber Advisors

CA is our POC Dell Solutions technology development partner, focused on managed networking services, hardware incubator and customer call center.

Blue Planet

Blue Planet is a cloud orchestration solution that provide their customers access to their Network Orchestration Suite.

Dayta Marketing

Dayta is our marketing partner focused on lead generation and information services that enable us to provide our customers their best user experience.

BlackTorch Capital

BlackTorch Capital currently advises the Board on accounting and financing, including strategy, valuation and interfacing with accountants and bankers.

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