The AI/ML XDR/SOAR Platform!


Security orchestration that represents the fastest, smartest automated security solution!

XDR/SOAR Cloud. AI/ML Accuracy.


Security orchestration that is most automated, smarter and faster than any security solution!

Agentless. Clientless. Fileless Aware.


Let us prove to you, that our B1 Platform is the most advance security in the market, today.

We Prevent Ransomware at the Network Perimeter!


Your Best Network Line of Defense!

72-hr SOAR Configuration.


The Most Efficient Network Line of Defense!

Microsecond Threat Detection!


Security orchestration that represents the fastest, smartest automated security solution!

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 The CyberSafety Platform®


CloudCover’s B1 Platform represents AI-based (AWARE intelligence) enterprise level security that functions in microseconds.

B1 utilizes the most advance analytics and risk aware controls to protect data at the IoT network computing edge.

Our B1 Platform provides governance risk compliance scoring to enable underwriting data insurance on-demand.

CC/B1 AWS Marketplace

Our B1 AWS platform can automate cloud security, track IT events, and provide risk tools with compliant security tools that can complement your current IT security stack.

CC/B1 Azure Marketplace

CC/B1 Azure platform can automate cloud security, track IT events and provide compliant on-demand security tools that can complement your current IT security stack.

CC/B1 IBM Cloud

CloudCover’s B1 IBM Cloud platform is our newest service offering within our cloud security suite. By utilizing our IT security risk tools one can track IT events and apply compliant security on-demand.

CyberSafety Platform Features


The CyberSafety B1 Platform (CC/B1) represents AI-based security orchestrated automated real time-risk-react platform that functions at microsecond speed, with zero latency and at 99.9999999% accuracy. The CC/B1 platform utilizes advance analytics to understand and proactively mitigate and thereby protect a customer’s data from compromise at the network edge. The CC/B1 represents  the most advance AI/SOAR platform that immutably ledgers the customer’s IT events onto blockchain real time. The CC/B1 further scores data governance and compliance risk to enable the understanding and underwriting of cybersecurity data insurance on-demand. A truly unique, robust cyber safety platform!


CloudCover is the first to patent Security Orchestration Automation Risk-React-Record (SOAR) technology! Our B1 SOAR Platform is configurable within 72 hours. The B1 predicts and anticipates at speed…operating at microseconds to detect intrusion, attack threats that attempt to compromise a customer’s network and stop the threat at the actor’s handshake. In practice, the B1 Platform utilizing over 56 million global sensors, exceeds conventional security. We are are known as an AI-N-SOC, meaning that little to No SOC (security operating center) is necessary due to the AI efficiency and accuracy of our unified threat system.


Our CyberSafety Platform is predicated upon dynamic SOAR provisioned risk analytics that enable understanding of incremental IT egress events and ingress flows and therein enable underwriting in-flight risk. Our CyberSafety Score (CSS)  works in concert with the B1 Platform providing threat analysis, metrics, and more accurately and efficiently vector blocking in milliseconds, thus mitigating variable security risks realtime.


Our CyberSafety Registry is a fully functional, risk-agnostic enterprise compliance scoring platform tool. The CS Registry provides compliance risk awareness that identifies regulatory and governance risk gaps until today, was not possible in any security solution. CS Registry is on-demand governance, risk and compliance tracking with an emphasis on GDPR and U.S. based compliance regulations.


CloudCover’s patented IT Event tracking utilizes blockchain. A customer can benefit from an immutable ledger system and embrace the decentralized forensic potential of on-demand network security reporting that records data governance and compliance risk scoring. A key competitive advantage, our blockchain can overlay software-defined networking attributes, including sovereign data tracking utilizing our advance B1 security algorithms.


B1 PLATFORM UNIFIED THREAT MANAGEMENT CLOUD gives users maximum multi-cloud asset protection and tracking flexibility when governing company’s data. By supporting a wide range of digital tag-enabled assets, we employ unique incremental ID data tracking through our C3C tagging schema, so you will know wherever and whenever your data resides in any sovereign or global location.


We are committed to providing a CyberSafety platform that is mobile, easy to use, transparent and autonomous. More importantly, our CS is massively scalable, secure, insurance-friendly and represents quantification of data@risk in cloud and mobility. We see opportunity to provide on-demand data insurance that’s easy to use and only seconds to apply.


Our CyberSafety platform represents real time on-demand risk transfer-as-a-platform. Utilizing an innovative patent technology that provides a trustworthy ecosystem for incremental risk quantification, digital risk scoring assets, we intend to remove the conventional restraints of cybersecurity insurance and deliver incremental insurance for in-motion data.

The CloudCover CyberSafety Platform represents AI enterprise-level automated cybersecurity functioning at milliseconds. We utilize the most advance analytics and risk controls to protect corporate data at the IoT network computing edge. We apply governance risk and compliance scores to enable underwriting cybersecurity data insurance on-demand.

CyberSafety Risk Registry™

CyberSafety Registry is an easy to use app of compliance rules and regulations for the Enterprise to identify compliance governance risk.

CyberSafety Risk AWARE™

CyberSafety Risk AWARE™ provides sub-second cyber risk analytics with software-defined risk orchestrated compliant control.

CyberSafety Risk Control™

CyberSafety users enjoy automated, sub-second cyber risk protection with software-defined risk-based control of their IT network.

CyberSafety Risk Transfer

CS Risk Transfer represents real-time risk-scoring and rating enabling our underwriting of cyber in-transit risk, on-demand.

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