Super Bowl 50



The IT team at Levi Stadium wanted to ensure that no internal or external cyber attacks impacted the stadium infrastructure during the Super Bowl.


We installed our AI-based security solution to monitor all internal, external, ingress and egress network traffic. We monitored the entire network infrastructure at 20-Gbs fully inspected throughput.


Utilizing AI-based machine learning, with deep packet inspection we found:

• 25 Million attack events during the Super Bowl

• 600,000 attacks were never before seen attack types

We found 2 internal critical servers that were compromised months prior to the Super Bowl and these compromises were undetected in testing done prior to the Super Bowl by:

• Levi’s Stadium IT staff

• Independent cyber security consultants

• NFL cyber security team

• Department of Homeland Security cyber security team

Due to our AI-based CC/B1 detection capabilities, compromised servers were taken offline during the Super Bowl. CloudCover B1 protected the Super Bowl 50 from potential compromise, and thus loss of TV broadcast.


The CyberSafety B1 Platform

B1’s automated technology aligned with our extensive service is second to none.

We are a five-star rated, award winning cybersecurity solution, endorsed by our customers including proven case studies. You can be certain of the security that our CyberSafety Platform provides employing AI-superior technology.