Milestones focus on our progress, moving us toward operational market revenue.

March 15, 2018: Over this year we are preparing to deploy the Regulatory and Compliance service (RACs) suite and The Compliance  Registry solution – the RIO compliance product-service. The various taxonomies and GUI where framed and information is currently being populated. During the development process we discovered that we could increase our expeditiousness and reduce our cost by working directly with the platform developer. This strategy initiated over the 2017-18 holiday weeks and we were seeing not only rapid development, but their input potentially increased our value added product portfolio. Though this transition has allowed for added efficiencies and cost savings in the development process, it also resulted in a minor setback in our product launch time to late April, early May instead. We continue to maintain very positive and ongoing relationships with our partners. They continue to show significant interest in engaging CloudCover and our CyberSafety solution and provide a path for “white-label” market entry with RACs and subsequent software-defined Risk IT Orchestration service-products next year.

April 28, 2017: CloudCover has begun contract discussions to create a co-development partnership with Ciena Networks, as a result of a successful CloudCover introduction of our solution to AT&T executives earlier this week. Again, we are excited about working with the Ciena / Blue Planet and their Blue Orbit Team together — assisting to provide our offer a platform to market.

April 20, 2017: CloudCover today has agreed to partner with Ciena / Blue Planet’s Community DevOps Exchange. With the acquisition of Blue Planet, Ciena is working with their Blue Planet division and starting to push their software services within AT&T at various levels of the organization as they look to move beyond equipment.  The easiest path to revenue for the CloudCover offer would be through AT&T’s Network Integration group which packages together 3rd party solutions, with their own services, and sells them to their enterprise customers.  Ciena already has a communication channel set up to introduce new offerings via this route as well as AT&T’s Proof of Concept labs which are customer facing labs to demonstrate what could be possible in their networks.

March 17, 2017: A lot has happened with CloudCover in the past three months as our offer has evolved and is getting ready for product insertion.  We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Ciena Networks and Blue Planet and their orchestration software to help accelerate the deployment of our services.  We feel that the integrated offer can provide a very compelling and differentiating offer in the marketplace. Ciena Networks supports their largest telco, AT&T, where they today provide all of their Layer Two equipment services, and most of their Layer One optical services.

February 15, 2017: NEWS RELEASE— Cyber Advisors, Minneapolis, and Dell Solutions Center and CloudCover Ltd. have joined in partnership to align their independent goals as it relates to the Dell SC Lab to begin integrating Ciena’s Blue Planet Orchestrate software alongside CloudCover CDP for solution scale, BP testing and risk analytic studies. As Ciena’s partnership continues, we will continue working with them to build out our integrated offer. Their long-term goal is to not only bring CloudCover to market within AT&T, but build a “success template” for their product management team within Blue Planet that can be introduced and replicated to the other telcos, content providers and media companies that Ciena supports within the US and globally.

November 2016: We are excited to introduce David L. Anderson as our new Chief Network Architect!  David is a tremendous new asset, and the Company’s principal cloud architect — shall lead all software-defined networking technology development and partner CDP/IP insertion strategy. He is recognized for driving software-defined innovation and growing two of the nation’s leading virtual-private network services companies.

August 2016: The CloudCover Risk Solutions is currently engaging the market with SecurityGPS, which shall be on-premise, as well as cloud-based risk assessment, and cybersecurity risk compliance risk solution. SecurityGPS is an on-boarding of CDP customer’s that “risk map” a customer’s data network. That is, SecurityGPS identifies cyber security risk among cloud services and identify IP assets from the inside-out. SecurityGPS enables customers to reduce their exposure associated with the risk of data breach.

June 2016: CloudCover Risk Solutions announced that they will engage the first and only IT Solution Center (Cyber Advisors) featuring Dell technology in Minnesota. CloudCover signs onto a partner agreement with Cyber Advisors, Inc. of Maple Grove, MN to service the CRS SecurityGPS™ risk practice and 24X7 help desk. Cyber Advisors modeled its IT Solution Center based on Dell Customer Solution Centers that are a global network of dedicated state-of-the-art technical facilities that enable you to architect, validate and build solutions, from the data center to the edge of the network. Current and future Dell customers in the Upper Midwest will have the ability to reserve the Solution Center to test their specific applications and workloads. CloudCover will also have access to Solution Architects who will design certified reference architectures for Clients, Partners and vendors.

May 2016: CloudCover Ltd. completes its first comprehensive certified financial audit.

February 2016: CloudCover begins co-marketing the SecurityGPS cybersecurity risk assessment through its subsidiary, CloudCover Risk Solutions with Open Systems Technologies.

January 2016: CloudCover successfully completes the Preferred B Series Private Placement minimum raise through the capital funding offer as of January 31, 2016.

December 2015: CloudCover produces the CloudCover “Core Risk Tenets”. The seven core tenets follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and are an easily articulated framework for educating executives and getting buy-in from board members and stakeholders as we go-to-market with the SecurityGPS Q2/2016.

November 2015: CloudCover successfully completes the Common B Series Private Placement minimum minimum raise through the capital funding offer as of November 20, 2016.

October 2015: CloudCover completes the CDP prototype testing, and prepares for CDP scaling and alpha-test efforts.

August 2015: CloudCover engages initial planning with major U.S. telco and switch-router provider to begin development of insertion software for cloud service platform providers. Discussions include CDP overlay within their ecosystems. These discussions are expected to lead to revenue opportunities for these telco and switch-router providers in 2017.

May 2015: CloudCover engage discussions with major telco and fiber-optic switch-router server entity in the United States.

March 2015: CloudCover begins preparation for testing the CDP egress risk visualization and analytic governance solution with an Atlanta backup data recovery organization. Testing is expected to occur over the next 4-6 months.

February 2015: CloudCover completes its core technology prototype, the CloudCover Defined Protocol (CDP) and begins preparation for testing software-defined egress risk visualization and real time analytic solution in the U.S. telco market. CloudCover begin discussions with major telcos, switch-router companies, cloud service providers in North America.