The CyberSafety Platform Safeguards Network Data Automatically and Stops Unknown Threats in Sub-second!

The CyberSafety Platform®


CyberSafety as a Service

Network security has evolved from standard unified threat management — to sand-boxing — to next-generation firewalls. And yet, none are capable of stopping the data breach in sub-second, let alone within a cloud service. Today, cyber-attackers use constant evolving virus attributes, such as trojans, bots, APTs, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack methods to evade detection, and successfully compromise the network within seconds.

The CyberSafety Platform is an AI cloud-based cybersecurity platform that proactively inspects, analyzes, anticipates and reacts to cyber threats in sub-second. The B1 security is the barrier technology that stops known and unknown attack vectors as well as the attacker’s attempt to handshake during a recon port-scan. The B1 system utilizes an Advanced Wide-Analytic Risk Engine (AWARE) that apply multi-layer algorithms that operate in blazing speeds, in parallel to auto-sense real-time threats including port-scanning of a network, including at the handshake.

Our results far exceed any cyber security approach in the market. This may explain why we keep winning the best-in-class industry awards 5 years in a row. The competition continues to add features that simply do not measure up to our proven AI-accuracy at sub-second with unmatch automation and affordability.

B1 A.W.A.R.E.

Automated WAN Analytic Risk Engine® (AWARE) security incorporates 736 unique security log systems and all 5903 protocol formats so virtually any intrusion, attack or theft that attempts to compromise a customer’s network is detected and stopped in less than a millisecond. The B1 AWARE software identifies, analyzes, machine learns, anticipates (predicts) and reacts to stop never-before-seen mutated or polymorphic attacks that everyone else miss. The attacker may be external, internal, or both. Attacks can be spam, web content or viral. It could be an attempt to infect a laptop on network and steal confidential data from the organization.  Risk AWARE informs against DDoS, APT, malware, trojans, spam, exfiltration, polymorphic attack vectors. The B1 stops bad ingress-egress traffic and east-west bi-directional LAN network activity.


CloudCover B1 XDR/SOAR® is the core extended threat management and security orchestration automation-based response engine that leverages leading next-generation technology integrated into a single unique security solution. B1is network security agnostic and can function seamlessly within the customer’s current security stack as am enhanced complement to a cloud or on-premise configuration.  The B1 platform utilizing multi-functioning algorithms, including meta-sensor data from B1/SOAR enabled routers and switches, ensure a broad spectrum of threat intelligence. Utilizing critical information gathered from various edge-network points including 56 million worldwide sensors — protects zero-day application-based attacks. What B1 knows and stops, all the others miss. Again, full stop.

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“B1 analyzed over 25 million cyber events, including 600,000+ never-before-seen malware attempts, all at 10 Gps.”

Cyber Security Team
Super Bowl 50

“Malware was getting through our [previous] security. We took B1 up on their offer to have their technology sit behind what we had in place. B1 was able to quickly identify CnC when the other technology couldn’t.”

Cyber Security Group
Large Regional Hospital

“I knew there was a problem with our [previous] cyber security, but could not find it. We installed B1’s technology and found the problem immediately!”

Cyber Security Consultant
Large Midwest Ski Resort

Stop cyber attacks at the TLS handshake.

The AI/ML XDR/SOAR Full Configured — 72-Hr Solution!

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