County Government



A large midwest County government were being attacked by malware virus. The IT department were using well known name brand security technologies (i.e. CheckPoint, Surf Control and Barracuda) appliances and believed they were well protected.

Despite the county’s investment in these security technologies, they were the victim of attack by a rootkit virus, a hacker’s tool that lands on a deep level of the OS inside an infected computer. A rootkit virus hides its presence, but actively listens for open ports and steals command line code. In this particular instance, this virus cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars in clean up.

This large midwest county government required a higher level of protection against blended threats and rootkits as its vulnerability grew with size and complexity.


The County IT department brought in the CC/B1 appliance, and after 45 days, our AI solution defeated numerous sophisticated attacks that had previously compromised the government’s IT network. After reviewing and analyzing the results, the county purchased the CC/B1 to replace all network solutions, which increased effectiveness and protection of their network.


After 45 days of testing, CC/B1 logged 637,185 priority level one attacks. Just three of these attacks would have defeated their existing security technologies. Because of B1’s AI-driven XDR/SOAR threat management technology, breaches were stopped in sub-seconds and their network was protected at the attacker’s handshake.


The CyberSafety B1 Platform

B1’s automated technology aligned with our extensive service is second to none.

We are a five-star rated, award winning cybersecurity solution, endorsed by our customers including proven case studies. You can be certain of the security that our CyberSafety Platform provides employing AI-superior technology.