Cybersecurity is based on fear. CyberSafety is based on facts!


Compliance is the new IT security risk!

The Enterprise must become cloud-smart in compliance strategy.

CyberSafety is the Digital Transformation.

CloudCover CyberSafety is transformational and empowers Enterprise!

CyberSafety must be mindful of data privacy.

CloudCover is CyberSafety for the Enterprise.

CloudCover is the CyberSafety Platform. Learn more.

CyberSafety Platform embraces a compendium of regulatory laws and compliance standards that correlate business rules and policies into IT Events. Our Compliance Registry represent a catalog of regulatory compliance services focused on data privacy. Apply to any software-defined network solution and become a compliance leader.

IT Regulatory & Compliance

Our Compliance Registry measures, tracks, quantifies compliance performance thereby helping corporate teams to understand their “risk cost” for non-compliance.

IT Service Catalog & Assembly

IT Service Catalog and Assembly automates high-level IT service recipes, including IT compliance and business rules alongside policy rules, into a fully integrated inventory.

IT Service Orchestration

By selecting high-level IT Services, the end-user applies business policies and rules to their IT Services, enabling IT Event’s value@risk attributes, and it’s SDx Orchestration risk posture.

CyberSafety Score & Underwriting

Our CyberSafety platform, provides IT Event risk scoring and awareness that enables IT Event warranty and data insurance coverage, further integrate into most any SDx orchestration.

Become a CyberSafety Advocate!

CyberSafety is the compliance solution. Learn more.

Employ Software Defined CyberSafety Compliance.


Software-defined IoT has arrived, and it is the new cybersecurity risk!