SecurityGPS Audit

SGPS Audit is your cost-saving step toward certified risk compliance.


SecurityGPS risk profiles cyber security risk of a company’s network, systems, people and data assets.

SecurityGPS Audit and Analysis is a certified risk compliant report and risk-score analysis.

CDIP Control

CDIP is a cloud-defined insurance protocol that enables real-time risk control and risk transfer.

SecurityGPS Audit is a certified, extensive cybersecurity risk analysis.

Nearly all of the organizations that we assist possess some type of cyber insurance or have engaged risk assessments of some form in their recent past. Most experience data breach or a cyber-event and are preparing to enhance their cyber security insurance. That said, insurance companies are driven to sell cyber insurance that exclude certain cyber risk protections while charging high premiums for lackluster cyber coverage.

Today’s reality is that you will likely be required to go through a cyber risk assessment prior to an insurance company attempting to underwrite cyber security insurance for your organization. In fact, by engaging the SecurityGPS Certified Audit we shall prepare you for cyber insurance. You can thereby negotiate cost-effective premiums and/or limits by leveraging your custom SecurityGPS Certified Audit with your insurance carrier. Your audit may save you year’s worth of value in cyber premiums and cover limits.

SGPS Certified Audit and Analysis.

Our SecurityGPS Certified Audit Analysis is performed within four business days.

The SecurityGPS Certified Audit is comprehensive cyber risk assessment that is a technology deployed means to facilitate C-level managers in accessing a certified, expert risk audit of their corporate risk profile. A certified compliant SGPS Audit Report is continuously customized from the information technology deployed onto your network, and provided the cyber risk-map of your company’s network, providing actionable results with categorical risk-scores to help you to identify weakness in your data governance, and potentially negotiate better premium prices with your insurance carrier and their cyber-risk program underwriters.

The SecurityGPS was developed to provide C-Level managers with an extensive information security risk diagnosis of the company’s cyber risk network posture along with prioritized, actionable recommendations and risk metrics that are provided to your organization on a potential continuous basis going forward, if you shall elect.

1. SecurityGPS enables continuous planning and budgeting future cyber-risk resourcing.

2. You can begin to manage your identified cyber risks given results of your Profile.

3. You can utilize your Summary Report results to begin the application and underwriting process for a more robust cost-effective cyber security data insurance program.

4. You can utilize the information gained to control your risk exposures and effectively understand the costs associated with next-generation cyber security technology. You can potentially take advantage of the technology to continuously monitor and report your network risk.

6. Company boards use SGPS reporting for risk management decision making.

7. The certified SecurityGPS Certified Audit price begins at $17,500 USD.

SecurityGPS Profile

The SecurityGPS™ produces a detailed, custom cyber risk profile and security-rated score of a company’s network risk posture.

Our SecurityGPS™ begins as an online diagnostic questionnaire, which is a self-directed means to facilitate C-level managers in cyber-educating and receiving an impartial, expert review of their company’s current risk profile.

We present an actionable risk-map providing direction for CISOs on how to cost-effectively improve their company’s cyber defenses.

This cyber security profile entails a ‘snapshot collection’ of IP traffic and endpoints over a 3-day business cycle. Lean more.

SecurityGPS Certified Audit and Analysis

Before a cyber insurance policy is underwritten, there is typically a risk assessment process to uncover any hidden cyber risks associated with the organization. For conventional insurance underwriting, customers complete applications that attempt to uncover practices that expose cyber risk.

Many insurers are starting to use objective, data-driven risk assessments such as the SecurityGPS Audit, to profile an organization’s risk posture and in so doing are able to see data usage trends, highlight protection and configuration issues in their network. They use this information in deciding how to structure cyber security insurance programs.

Whether cyber security insurance will become mandated is to be seen. However, as cyber insurance becomes more broadly adopted, cyber-insurers are looking to avoid unacceptable risks by requiring security protection systems. In so doing, they are looking for more accurate underwriting to offset their risk retention in comparison to other less secure solutions.

At CloudCover we operate proactively. Our Cloud Defined Insurance Protocol represents an breakthrough underwriting methodology that proactively enables software-defined security, risk control and risk transfer at the incremental in-transit data basis. We often refer to our CloudCover-defined insurance solution as real-time “nano insurance”. Lean more.

SecurityGPS is your 'cyber compass' to certified data risk control.