CloudCover Presents at Stanford GPC’s Disruptive Technology Inaugural Global Cybersecurity Event


“The event is part of CloudCover’s affiliate membership with the Stanford Global Project Center’s Disruptive Technology / Digital Cities Program.”

Stephen Cardot


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (May 20, 2021)​ — CloudCover®, an automated, intelligence-driven cybersecurity platform, was one of the industry experts invited to participate last month at Stanford School of Engineering’s Global Project Center’s (GPC) Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities Program’s inaugural global cybersecurity event, “Threats to the Network Edge/IoT.”

CloudCover’s founder and chief executive officer, Stephen Cardot, and chief technology officer and executive vice president of technology, Robert Demopoulos, both shared their expertise as part of the event, which also included Robert Rodriguez, Chairman and founder of SINET; Jeremiah Baker, professional ethical hacker; Lieutenant General Michael G. Dana (retired); and Jimmie Lee, Facebook’s head of security applications.

The event was an opportunity to share perspectives on the explosion of innovation and product development, the challenges and threats on the horizon to the network edge/IoT, and how cybersecurity needs will only increase as the landscape becomes more complex.

Participation in the event is part of CloudCover’s continued membership of the School of Engineering’s Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities Program. The program brings faculty, staff, and students from multiple departments and schools across Stanford University together with leaders from some of the world’s most progressive companies and organizations with the goal of understanding how global smart cities are being developed today and how they’ll be shaped by emerging technologies in the future.

CloudCover has been a corporate affiliate member of the program since 2019. In addition to regularly engaging with Stanford faculty and staff to discuss program updates and share industry insights, the company also supports the program’s technology research efforts, including studies on embedded sensor security, advanced data analytics, and cybersecurity mobility. For this research, the company has shared information with Stanford’s GPC concerning its CyberSafety PlatformTM – real-time risk-response security that functions at microsecond speed, proactively inspecting, analyzing, anticipating, and reacting to cyber threats with 99.9999999% accuracy.

The membership in Stanford School of Engineering’s Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities Program continues to be an important building block of CloudCover’s larger innovation and technology strategy. “The ethos and approach of the program mirrors what we believe to be true at CloudCover – that combining business modeling expertise and technology research is the future of our industry,” says CloudCover founder and CEO, Stephen Cardot. “The program has been incredibly beneficial when it comes to connecting with early-stage technologies and finding new ways to transform disruption into competitive advantage through targeted research and sharing industry expertise.”

About CloudCover

CloudCover®, an AI-driven cybersecurity platform, has reimagined cybersecurity – delivering real-time extended threat detection and response (XDR) through a patented, math-based security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) risk-aware method and security control system. The CloudCover system accumulates data between an organization’s diverse security technologies and environments and streamlines them for a holistic view of potential risks. Our CC/B1 platform provides an ever-evolving, protective layer to your existing cybersecurity tech stack – meaning threats are detected and eliminated in microseconds with 99.9999999% accuracy. With CloudCover, the elusive “single pane of glass” view of an organization’s network security isn’t a myth – it’s reality. To learn more, visit https:/ or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Stanford’s Global Projects Center (GPC)

Stanford’s Global Projects Center Digital Cities research initiative creates a focused research effort. The GPC brings together cross-discipline expertise including data analytics, institutional investment on urban sustainability, and explores how emerging technologies will change the way we think about business model development for government and enterprises engaged in digital cities. For more information, visit the Stanford Engineering Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities Program:

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