Our Team

Stephen Cardot

CEO, Founder
Veteran designer and systems developer with 22 years experience building robust, scalable solutions. Author of TCP/IP data insurance patents. Believes incremental risk transfer with blockchain is the future of micro-services and cyber safety.

  • Chief Enabling Officer 95% 95%
  • Team Development 90% 90%
  • Partner Development 75% 75%

Robert Demopoulos

Chief Technology Officer
Robert recently joined CloudCover as our CTO, and is the founder of The B1 Group, the key player in our real-time cybersecurity technology solution. Robert manages all cybersecurity technology including all cyber risk analytics.

  • Cybersecurity Systems & Methods 89% 89%
  • Network Technology 90% 90%
  • Infrastructure 80% 80%

John Riordan

CRM Director
Mr. Riordan joined CloudCover in 2010, and is co-founder of Dayta Marketing, a key player in social media marketing. John has been instrumental in helping build our organization and manages our CRM and marketing sales logistics.

  • CRM 98% 98%
  • Investor Relations 85% 85%
  • Marketing & Media 70% 70%

John Allbery

Finance & Governance Advisor
Our newest Advisor, John as a senior partner in public accounting, C-Level executive positions in publicly traded and privately owned high growth companies, brings extensive experience in finance, governance, mergers and acquisitions.

  • Financial Systems & Methods 89% 89%
  • Business Networks 90% 90%
  • Accounting 80% 80%

Bart Jones

Business Development
Bart joined the CloudCover team Summer 2019.  Business development has always been his passion. He has been successful building profitable channel programs for MX logic, McAfee, Intel and most recently ProtectWise who was acquired by Verizon.

  • Business Development 86% 86%
  • Channel Development 94% 94%
  • Partner Management 55% 55%

Dan Fosterling

Underwriting Advisor
Dan joined the CloudCover team early 2019. His insurance underwriting experience has always been his passion. Dan has been successful working as Trean Re’s senior underwriting director and we are honored to have him on our team!

  • Underwriting Model 90% 90%
  • Risk Transfer Strategy 85% 85%
  • Cyber Risk Policy 80% 80%

The CyberSafety B1 Platform

B1’s automated technology aligned with our extensive service is second to none.

We are a five-star rated, award winning cybersecurity solution, endorsed by our customers including proven case studies. You can be certain of the security that our CyberSafety Platform provides employing AI-superior technology.