CC/B1 Use Case

TV Broadcast Solution

The IT team at Levi Stadium wanted to ensure that no internal or external cyber attacks impacted the stadium infrastructure during the Super Bowl. We installed our AI-based security solution as the back-stop security solution to protect the Super Bowl 50 from potential compromise, and thus loss of TV broadcast. Read more.

County Government

A large midwest county government were being attacked by malware. The IT department were using well known name brand security technologies, i.e. CheckPoint, Surf Control and Barracuda. Despite the county’s investment in these security technologies, they were victim of attack by a rootkit virus, a hacker’s tool that lands on a deep level of the OS inside an infected computer. Read more.

Public Education

This large public school district had 9,000 students spread across 13 campus with more than 4,000 Windows and Mac computers. The system had a number of cyber security problems. In addition, network connections were lost whenever the network crashed, and the existing spam filter had no service support. The district’s system in and of itself, was not private, nor secure. Read more.

Energy Industry

The concern of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) researchers was the ability to detect never-before-seen attacks against the critical components of the electric power grid via attacks against their Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) equipment. They were interested in knowing how to detect and perhaps stop the infamous STUXNET worm. Read more.


Finance / Banking Solution

A Minnesota medium-size bank viewed cyber security as a critical element of its network operations, but due to limited staff and budget, did not have a comprehensive security strategy. Historically, firewalls had been viewed as a panacea for major threats, along with anti-spam software. It’s not unusual for an organization to approach network security in this way. Read more.

Healthcare / Hospital System

A medium-sized hospital system with satellite clinics and nursing facilities in five dispersed campus environments were concerned about point solutions and zero-day protection — particularly regarding ransomware attacks that are prevalent in the healthcare industry today. Learn more.

Multi-National Company

A midwest multi-national corporation went to great expense to secure its network with a mid-tier UTM solution. The corporation had major issues of great concern. First, they were concerned about their security’s ability to stop ransomware threats. Second, the level of service they had received from the mid-tier security vendor and its representative were insufficient. Read more.

The CyberSafety B1 Platform

B1’s automated technology aligned with our extensive service is second to none.

We are a five-star rated, award winning cybersecurity solution, endorsed by our customers including proven case studies. You can be certain of the security that our CyberSafety Platform provides employing AI-superior technology.